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about what's going on at Sheepy Hollow and there will be regular notices about the Farmers Markets where we sell. We'll also provide current information about general livestock market prices, recipes from our customers, and we'll keep you up on all the gossip that's going on. The most recent news is nearer the top of the page. 

Farmers Markets


Farmers Market Season has begun!

We'll been selling at three (3) farmers markets again in 2019...

Just as last year...
...we'll be going out and setting up at markets three times each week during the spring,
summer and early autumn in 2019. Here's the information for you...

The Midtown Farmers Market at 3032 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis
opened on Saturday, May 4. The market is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and you'll find some amazing changes and goings-on around the market area
(two blocks from the former site at the light rail station)! Very soon the spring vegetable market

will explode and the market will double in size.

As last year, we'll be tucked into a nice cozy spot where there is room for our freezer trailer. Stop by

and see us.

Sheepy Hollow will be there, with bells on, and lots of lamb for all of you                                                         (dry aged by French Lake Meats in South Haven Minnesota)! Even if you do nothing else, pick up one of our weekly tip-sheets which will have some helpful information about lamb and preparing it.
There's always entertainment on Saturdays at the Midtown Farmers Markets and visitors to the market love it. There are also wonderful food booths where you can get breakfast, lunch or a snack. 

The American Lamb Board is the best place to find remarkable lamb recipes and amazing photos of the prepared lamb dishes that come from these recipes.

Gordon Ramsay’s Spicy Lamb Shanks
The very best lamb shank recipe we’ve ever tried comes from the master chef, Gordon Ramsay. We found it on You Tube… (just Google “lamb shanks by Gordon Ramsay” and a You Tube address will pop up for you.

There’s another You Tube clip that features Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Lamb Recipes… go look for it sometime also. He shows you how to cook (5) a lamb steak, (4) grilled loin chops, (3) slow-braised, stuffed lamb breasts, (2) lamb shanks – done as in the first video, and (1) saddle of lamb. Wow! These five recipes are wonderful! Please note that the saddle of lamb and the lamb breast must be special ordered
Gordon Ramsay simply knows how to cook lamb. He’s amazing! 

Other Farmers Markets

Sheepy Hollow is in Excelsior every Tuesday  and in Wayzata (on Lake Street just west of The Cove) every Thursday. The Excelsior Market is located right on Water Street in the heart of downtown Excelsior. 

Find out more

Start thinking about bulk orders!

The farmers markets will close down after September and then we start taking bulk orders (whole or sides of lamb) that we deliver to your house in October and/or November. It's the economic way to buy lamb for the winter months.

Minnesota Grown

We're members of Minnesota Grown.  Hope you've got a Minnesota Grown Directory because they're so helpful in helping you find local food suppliers. We give out directories at our stand at the farmers markets. Get a free directory from us.

Helpful News

American Lamb Board

Go on-line and find the American Lamb Board. The site has the most beautiful recipes and photographs -- dozens and dozens of them!

Our Recipe Page

We have hundreds of links to lamb recipes right here on our web site. Some are our own tried and true recipes and others come from well respected cooks and chefs

Gordon Ramsay Cooks Lamb

The lamb recipes of Gordon Ramsay are some of the finest we've ever tried. His "spicy lamb shanks" are just fabulous. Find his cooking tips on his

You Tube web site. 

Julia Child and Lamb Stew

This may be the most famous lamb recipe in the world: Navarin Printanier (lamb stew with spring vegetables). You can find it in her famous cookbook (Mastering the Art of French Cooking) or email us and request it and we'll email the recipe

 to you:

Send us your Lamb Recipes

Send us your favorite lamb recipes and we'll post them on our recipe section right here on our web site. Again, it's 

Our Customers Photos

Many of our customers send us photographs of their lamb cooking success. We post them here on our web site. You can send us photos if you'd like: